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Water and Oil & Gas Industries


Mission Statement

We provide transformative learning experiences that prepare our graduates with the knowledge and skills essential for success in industry through high-quality, demand-driven programs.

Welcome to Waterworks Tech!

Get access to great paying jobs in the private or public waterworks construction, maintenance industries including municipalities, cities, districts and construction developments or as a water treatment operator in water and wastewater treatment plants.  There is also high demand for our graduates in associated industries such as the geothermal industry (HDPE fusion), irrigation, drainage, communication ducting or even with the oil and gas industries. Many of our grads take advantage of the lucrative and rewarding opportunities in the oil & gas industry in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Waterworks Technology School specializes in job specific training in accordance with the American Water Works Association (AWWA) standards and specifications which are valid all accross North America. The training and certification at Waterworks Tech has a broad spectrum of employer appeal throughout the water and oil & gas industries.

1997 – 2015

Waterworks Technology School is celebrating 16 years of success - with graduates all over BC, in most provinces and some internationally.

The certification course provides successful graduates with a Post-secondary Waterworks Technology Diploma, as well as three competency based tickets on the following:

Fire Hydrant Inspection and Maintenance
Butt-fusion Welding of HDPE Piping Systems
Drilling and Tapping PVC & Ductile for Water Services

Graduation from our three-month Waterworks Technology Diploma Program also satisfies requirements to write the OIT (Operator In Training) at the EOCP (Environment Operators Certification Program) without the requirement to have worked previously with a municipality. In fact, EOCP grants a full 28.8 CEU's to our gratuates based on courses content.

This training, together with assistance in job finding skills, resumes and interview skills is aimed to provide our grads a foot-in-the-door to the always thriving Water & Wastewater Utilities Industry.


Industry Memberships:
Canadian Construction Association
British Columbia Construction Association

Vancouver Regional Construction Association
Canadian Water & Wastewater Association

North American Society for Trenchless Technology
North American Society for Trenchless Technology, BC Chapter

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